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RE-RELEASE: Eagle Takes Flight 2.1 (12-AUG-2021)

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According to your log you don't have the fsport_mediavps file.
'E:\Games\FreeSpace2\fsport_mediavps\' ... 0 files

Well, problem solved. By default, this campaign looks for "fsport_mediavps." Every other FSPort campaign I have looks for "fsport-mediavps" with a dash instead of an underscore, and I also name my MVPs folder with a dash.

Changed that one typo in the mod.ini and it seemed to solve the problems. Unfortunately it also causes the campaign's custom mainhall music to revert back to the FS1 theme, but it's hardly a deal breaker. Sometimes the most simple things are overlooked.

The older releases of the FSPort Media VPs used the underscore because FSOpen wouldn't process files with a dash.  It's an FS1 campaign so it should have FS1 music.


--- Quote from: Macfie on October 30, 2013, 04:49:13 am ---It's an FS1 campaign so it should have FS1 music.

--- End quote ---
Except this campaign has a custom mainhall theme that should be playing instead. The problem is that fsport_mediavps is in the primarylist, meaning it takes precedence over the files in the mod, including the mainhall theme. SSX-Kahn, try changing the [multimod] section of the mod.ini to this:

--- Code: ---[multimod]
primarylist = ;
secondarylist = fsport-mediavps,fsport,mediavps_3612;

--- End code ---

You are correct, I missed that he had modified the MOD.ini.  It has been awhile since I looked at this campaign.


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