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Ladies and Gentlemen:
The FSCR-Team has invested some time and updated Aftermath to version 2.1
Much of the feedback that was provided for version 2.0 has been put to good use and some fixes have been implemented.
Also the campaign has been voice acted the way i usually do it.

GTVA Command demands of you to download it from here: and save humanity!
This campaign comes in its own mod folder but requires the freespace-port v3.3 and fs2_open_3_6_14_RC1, so don't hesitate and get them!

For those of you who do not know what the campaign is all about, i shall quote the 2.0 release thread:

--- Quote from: Macfie on December 03, 2009, 07:30:57 pm ---

Years of GTI experiments....
A rogue Colonel.....
An innocent fledgling colony on the edge of space....

GTA Command desperately attempts to contain the plague in the Epsilon Pegasi system. A quarantine is placed upon the system and the pilots onboard the GTI special operations destroyer GTD Ark Royal are tasked with keeping the quarantine... at all costs.
Original FreeSpace 1 Campaign by Cold Element

--- End quote ---

have fun!

Nice to see it updated with voice acting. Originally, the campaign was a bit difficult, and then real life made "a bit difficult" to "no time to play". :(

Awesome. Haven't experienced it, and voice acting is a huge +. Will get to it. Soon : D

Alex Heartnet:
The engine trail effect seems different from normal.

This a mod feature or a feature of the RC build?

Edit:  The Fenris seems to somehow look like it has a lot more firepower then normal, as well (thought it might just be the fact that I am flying right alongside it for the duration of the mission).  How many mods does this campaign use?

Alex Heartnet:
Yes, yes, capital ships definately have more firepower now.  I had my Herc torn apart by a trio of transports because I failed to dodge.

I just finished the entire campaign, and stepped on a 'few' bugs.

General:  Voice acting seems to stop working after you see the debriefing screen and move on to the next mission - though this might be a problem with the RC1 build rather then the campaign itself.  Either way, entering the mainhall then re-entering the campaign solves the problem..
Splitting the mission into four episodes is a good idea, however there needs to be an 'all episodes' option in the campaign room, like Unification War had.  That way you do not have to switch between episodes every few missions.
Given how lethal transport turrets have become, and the campaign's difficulty in general, the Valkyrie seems far too fragile to even consider using without a armor or shield buff.
Wingman do not automatically engage enemies that are too far away.  There are multiple missions where they just sit there and do nothing until the player gives them an order.

Spoiler:Mission 1:  Adv. Disruptors are not mountable on the Loki.  They can only be mounted on the Ulysses, and really only exist to make the task of disabling a certain Arjuna 1 easier in the retail campaign.  Either change the tables so that the Loki can use it, or give the player normal disruptors.
Mission 2:  If Alpha wing gets splashed while in vicinity of the science cruiser, Beta Wing arrives too far away for them to automatically engage the enemy without the player giving them orders to do so.
Mission 4:  Again, your wingman need to START OUT with orders rather then the player having to issue them!  No wonder I got owned so badly on my first attempt...
Although, the mission becomes almost too easy self-playing if you actually give proper orders.  It becomes even easier if you take out the cruiser's weapon subsystems so they cannot shoot down your wingman's bombs.
The whole mission needs to be rebalanced, and you may have to deviate from the original mission to do that.  I would start by removing one of the bomber wings and look at what can be accompolished with proper orders, then go from there.
Mission 5: The majority of the mission is really intense, but after the second cruiser is destroyed it becomes a turkey shoot.  The wings that arrive after the second cruiser's death need to arrive faster and harder to have any real chance of causing mission failure.
The AI doesn't know how to use dumbfires, I thought.  Don't give them dumbfires by default.
Mission 6:  If you scan the cargo containers in the right (wrong?) order, you might miss a line of dialogue entirely.  I will have to try and figure out what exactly triggers this bug later - although it appears to involves the player scanning a whole row of cargo containers.
Mission 7:  AGAIN.  Wingman need to start out with orders!  They do not automatically engage enemies if they are too far away.
Mission 8:  Hostiles jump in from WAY too far out in the second half of the mission.  The player has entirely too much time to intercept them.
Mission 9:  A few lines of dialogue were not voice acted.  This may have to do with the new sound code, however.
Mission 10: Observant players may scan the escape pods before being ordered to.  If a pod is scanned before said order, once the order arrives it gets added to your escort list and does not automatically get removed.
Mission 11: The end-of-mission music plays if you take out both bomber wings before taking out the first fighter wing.  Then, once you take out both fighter wings, the music plays again on top of the existing music!  Also, the last line of dialogue is cut short by 'Downloading New Orders'
Mission 12: Wingman just sit there and don't help unless they are given orders.
Mission 13: Listing the cargo contents as 'unknown' is just a tad confusing since they show as unknown BEFORE you scan them.  'Unable to Identify' would perhaps be better.
Mission 14: Why is there a (1) next to the directive to protect the station?
Mission 15: Why does the repair transport have nothing in its cargo bay?  Aren't repair craft normally filled with technicians?
Mission 16: It is a little obvious that Valkrie MKII #2 is invulnerable.  Instead, why not assign a damage threshold to it so it can be damaged, but not destroyed?
Overall, it was a fun, challenging campaign.  But mind the bugs.


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