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The E:
First up, a new version of datafile.exe (the more powerful version of modfile.exe) has been uploaded to the google code page.

This version doubles the previously existing limit of 4096 files per archive, thus allowing bigger archives to be created.

Do note that this is a command-line utility, and is NOT a drop-in replacement for modfile.exe; to use this, you have to change createmod.bat to this:

--- Code: ---datafile.exe MyMod.dat -mak
--- End code ---

Further usage notes:
--- Code: ---Usage: datafile <dat-file> -option <file list>
options:  -ins  (insert files into datafile)
          -ext  (extract files from datafile)
          -del  (delete files from datafile)
          -mak  (insert all files in current directory and all subdirectories)
          -list (display list of entries in datafile)
--- End code ---

Very interesting. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I never knew there was a 4096 file limit. Very cool that you were able to overcome that limitation E. Nice work. I'm trying to learn a bit about C++ so I can help out with the coding project. Its going to be a learning curve for me though. The last programming I did was with BASIC on an appleIIgs.

The E:
That part was rather simple. Getting the thing to run properly, that was the challenge; this utility was written back in the early days of Starshatter development, when the Windows SDK was looking rather different.

Is there any complete, self-contained modding guide to Starshatter? Sort of like Karajorma's Freespace FAQ, just a bit more up to date. I'm just getting into this game and while it's amazing (it has a lot of things I wanted to implement into FS2, including Newtonian flight model and capship command), it's lacking in some fields. It would also be great if there was some mod database that would work (Google returns either HLP, or Starshattermods, the latter of which gives me a 404).
Overall, I think this game has a lot of potential if given the same treatment as FSO.


If you go to in the download area under Starshatter and then in the utils folder there are two downloads that will at least get you started. One is called mod sdk and the other is called modders toolkit. If you have any question at all, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them or at least get you an answer if can't answer myself.. Welcome to the Starshatter modding community!


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