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Feature Request: AWACS Designation

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I've been converting ships for a WiH mod for SS and I've run into a little issue with the Oculus. I tried all the available ship designations and the only one that exhibits close to the correct behavior is carrier. With all the others, even freighter and courier, the Oculus charges in and get destroyed really quick. Set as a carrier it hangs back and does it's job, but it's a little ridiculous to call this 200 meter ship a carrier.

What I'm looking for is a AWACS designation that behaves like a carrier. Even better would be a ship that would stay just inside of max range of it's ECM weapons. If it's within your powers to do so, that would be really cool, but really just the AWACS is what I need.

Here's a vid of it in action. I shot it from the target's perspective so it's easier to see the Oculus's effect on the Chimera's guns, sensors, and computer.

Oculus Combat Test


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Oculus Combat Test

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"This video is private." if you're looking for link only sharing, unlisted is what you're looking for.

Whoops, sorry about that. Fixed.

I remember someone back at SSmods devised a way to add additional ship classes to the game. I can't for the life of me remember how it was done. I will look through the mod files I have saved from the old site and see if I can find the files needed to do this. I do not believe that the source code had to be changed in order to get new classes. I think it was done through normal modding but I could be mistaken.  I will get back to you on this one.

Yeah, I remember that too, but I could have sworn that it was after the source code was released and that it had to be changed code side. Thanks for looking through your files.


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