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Power Damage and Quantum Drives

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I've run into a little problem with power damage. I have the UEF gauss weapons set to power damage and it works out well to temporarily knock out beams. The problem is the quantum drive. Weapon energy bounces back from a hit fairly quickly but it takes forever for the quantum drive to recover. This makes it impossible for a ship to jump before it's destroyed.

I was hoping that a setting for the quantum drive could be created so that it would be shielded from power damage. Something like quantum_shield: true/false.

My solution at present is to switch the gauss weapons to normal damage. This isn't a great solution because it kind of gimps and over powers the UEF ships at the same time. On the one hand they are doing way to much hull damage and on the other the GTA are beam freed for the whole mission.

On a semi related side note, when I was testing different solutions to this problem I found that it's irrelevant what amount of damage the weapon is set for. The weapon could be set to do 10k or 0.00001 damage and the results are the same. All of the power drains out of all of the reactors on the ship.

Quick look reveals (if I read correctly):

-Power damage sets  power level to something like this -----  10k damage = 0% ------- 5k damage = 50% ----- 2.5k damage = 75%.   
-Systems capacity  get emptied of all energy instantly regardless of damage received.

Making quantum inmune doesnt look hard to do, but did you try to change its recharge rate so it charges up faster? or does it go against what you have planned?  would making it take some small drain of energy so enemys can still have a chance be better?

I didn't know you could change the recharge rate, that might be the ticket. The SDK mentions that you can add optional capacity and consumption to the drive but not recharge rate. I'll give that a try and see how it goes. Thanks. :)

EDIT: Unfortunately, even thought the drive seems to be charging faster, the hits just keep coming and the drive never gets charged all the way. I ramped up the recharge rate pretty high (even gave the drive it's own reactor) and the ship still can't jump. It looks like having the quantum drive immune to power damage is what I need.

Ooops, I think theres no recharge rate  on quantum system. Last thing you could do is set its capacity rather low so it charges almost instantly, and set the countdown to any time you want.
I will try to modify the code later anyway.

Success! I set the capacity to 1 and that did the trick. Now the drive bounces back after each hit. Thanks for your help. :yes:


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