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Having trouble with Mission Editor

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     I'm trying to create a mission where you start inside the Carrier launch rail with your Fighter and go through launch procedures. None of the missions I downloaded have that feature. You either can only play as a Cap ship, or you play as a fighter that is already in space.
     I've tried setting the Element details to the proper config and when the mission starts, I am literally in the center of the Carrier model and have no control over anything. Keyboard does not work, no commands work, nothing. I always have to ctrl+alt+del to end Starshatter.
     Curiously, when I begin in space as a fighter everything works like a normal mission would. Also, the stock missions are not Editable (the Edit button is greyed out for them).
     I am currently running the Reborn Mod. Thanks.

It took me a while to find the solution to this one. Turns out it's in the manual, who would have guessed? Look in the manual under "Mission Editor" and look for "Chain of Command". It will tell you everything you need to know. :)

p.s. You can find the manual in the root game folder.

     Wow, it's like there is a "ghost" element between you and the carrier lol. Lesson learned: RTFM

     Okay, I've been checking and re-checking my elements, and I still get the same result. Is there something else that I need in the mission that has nothing to do with the carrier-squadron-fighter connection? Such as mandatory Nav points? I ask this because when I select the mission to test play, all I see are the Cap ships in the PKG tab (no fighters at all show up on the list).
     Also, if you could provide screen shots of one of your missions 3 elements that link these up successfully, I'd appreciate it. I need to see exactly what each element is supposed to have checked off/unchecked. Thanks.


Just a couple tips that might help.

First make sure you have a squandron of whatever fighter you want to fly in the mission. I usually make the squadron have at least 12 of the given ship. You can go as high as you like, but if you put more than 24 ships in the sqaudron it can cause floods of fighters to be launched by teh carrier. So first create a squadron of 12-24 ships of whatever craft you want to fly. Make sure that the sqaudron has the same IFF number (usually 1) as your carrier does, then in the carrier window make sure you select the name of your carrier to properly assign the squadron. You should click on the command AI box then so that it is highlighted, but none of the other boxes should be highlighted except this one.

Once you have the squardon, you then create an element made of up 1-4 fighters of the same type. Make sure that you select the name of your sqaudron that you created in the squandron window of the element. Do not assign the element to the carrier only to the squadron. Make sure you highlight the player, alert, and command AI boxes for the element and you should be all set. Hope this helps.


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