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RELEASE: VPGUI - Yet another VP editor

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Hello everyone,
I hereby present you a little project of mine, a new VP viewer and editor.


* Fast VP opening
* Opening entries with the default application
* Editing the VP structure
* Auto-update (can be disabled)
* Drag and Drop support
* Navigable browser-like history, use mouse buttons 4 and 5

* .Net Framework Version 4.5, that means only Windows Vista or later is supportedSadly no other platform is supported

Download here

The source is available on github. If possible please add issues with the application there so I can manage them better.

Version 0.3.1:

* Added drag to explorer featureVersion

* Directories can now be createdVersion

* Added temporary path customizationVersion 0.3:

* Initial release
Screenshots (these are taken using the default theme):
Blank starting screen

Opened Root_fs2.vp

Folder structure changed

Special Thanks

* I thank achtung for providing me a place to host the files for this project
* Thanks to BlasterNT for providing a beautiful icon for the application

Luis Dias:

--- Quote from: m!m on March 04, 2013, 05:25:53 am ---
* Drag and Drop support (sadly dragging items to the explorer does not work)

--- End quote ---

Damn! But I like the prospect of not having to extract files to open them up ! :yes:

I'd really like to add that feature but it seems to be a non-trivial task to do so and I didn't want to hold off release just for that feature. I'll see if I can add it.

hey cool stuff :yes:

Small update released, you can now specify the temporary directory the application will use. Specify this on the options page with the extraction location drop down list.


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