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Admiral Nelson:
The FSCRP team is proud to bring you this rerelease of three classic campaigns for Freespace 1.

Included are The Destiny of Peace, Tango and Eagle Takes Flight!  These three campaigns have been made compatible with the latest version of the FS Port and Media VPs, in addition to bugfixes and quality of life enhancements. The campaigns are presented in a single bundle for ease of use.  Simply choose the FS1 campaign compilation mod in the launcher and then select the specific campaign you'd like to play from the campaign room of the mainhall.


[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:
Click below to get started. The latest revision is 1.0.2.


Campaign Summaries:

The Destiny of Peace
Original Author: Justin Mills
The campaign won Interplay's 1998 Mission Design Contest in the single player category, and was subsequently included in the Silent Threat expansion disc.
The story revolves around an Outpost Traffic cop, aspiring to become a GTA fighter pilot. He gets his chance when he finds himself in the wrong place at the right time. When a rebel faction of GTA mercenaries arises, GTA Command is quick to blame Earth-based anti-colonization groups. Unfortunately for all of humanity, it goes much deeper than that.

Original Author: Julian Egelstaff
As Terran forces continue to fall back in the face of Shivan might, accompany the veteran pilot, Lieutenant Rhygar, on a front line patrol.  What you discover there could turn the tide of the war, or seal your doom.

Eagle Takes Flight
Original Author:Robert Carroll
This is a 4 mission campaign chronicling the birth of Eagle Security Services, a small mercenary corporation.  This was the first campaign to employ custom weapon ANIs, and one of the earliest to employ TBL changes. 
Just released from GTA service due to budget cuts, you and a friend strike out on your own to earn a living. Eagle Security Services Inc. is born and it's going to take a skilled pilot to make your company a success:


Current Release Credits
Admiral Nelson - Testing, bugfixing and transforming to current SCP and Media VP release standards
FrikgFeek - Testing and bughunting

Credits from Earlier versions and original releases

The Destiny of Peace

Originally created by Justin Mills

Originally converted to FS2 by Selectah

Nebulae created variously by Singh, Lightspeed and/or Blaise Russel

Mandala Prime by Herra Tohtori

HLP Voice actors:
freespacegundam as GTD Nepenthe squadron leader
Blaise Russel as the newsreader
sphynx as Captain Wallace
neoterran as Admiral Darcy
Mongoose as Flagstaff Station
Ransom Arceihn as Clive Caldwell
darkblade as himself

Mission changes below by Admiral Nelson

Redone for FS Port 3.x
All missions skyboxed, and background added from either Singh's background emporium or Lightspeed's nebula pack
Mission directives added to all missions
Nameplates added for all Orion, Faustus and Fenris\Leviathan class ships
Spelling and grammar fixes
Mission debriefings updated to account for various outcomes; AWOL debriefings added
Many bugfixes / FRED fixes
Full voice acting


As Terran forces continue to fall back in the face of Shivan might, accompany the veteran pilot, Lieutenant Rhygar, on a front line patrol.  What you discover there could turn the tide of the war, or seal your doom.

Original Features:
* Two unique missions, plus one "atmosphere" mission (no combat)
* Unique player roles: wingman, and reinforcement wing leader
* Multiple tasks: escort, attack, recon
* Involving storyline
* Real characters
* Asteroid field combat
* Extensive playtesting and balancing

Added by Admiral Nelson:
* Converted for FS2
* Lightspeed nebulae
* Nameplates

Original Creator: Julian Egelstaff

Eagle Takes Flight

Robert Carrol: Original campaign creator
Macfie: Conversion to FS2, FREDing, testing
Mobius:  FREDing, testing
Admiral Nelson: FREDing, backgrounds, custom cbanis, modular tables, testing
Freespaceking: Updated maps for Amazon reskin
Black Wolf: Head Anis

Special thanks to Galemp for the palette conversion tool used in converting the cbanis

Version 2.1 Updated 11/4/2013

updated mod.ini
new asteroid model
minor bugfixes
fix missing nameplate
minor table edits / fixes

You beasts!  Way to go!  Another set of campaigns added to my NEED-TO-PLAY! queue.

I don't know where you guys get the time to do all of this stuff, but it is very much appreciated!

Cool. I'll check this out.

Yes! I am downloading this. :yes:

Awww... Nepenthe. Memorable name :P.

I'm eager to play some refreshed classics, and will check this out when I'm done with other things.


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