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RULES (Please?):

* Game discounts, as opposed to FREE titles, go in the other thread dedicated to that purpose.
* Include the name of the game in question, and a link to the source (if possible)
* If the promotion expires, include the expiry date if known.
* Strike out dead entries when you become aware of them, and a mod/admin will remove them.
* Feel free to post when games become F2P, but these posts will be removed periodically (after a few weeks).
* Commentary is fine, but will be removed when the thread is periodically pruned.  Commentary of value (tech support, etc) will be split out.  Please try to keep unnecessary commentary out entirely - start a new discussion topic instead.
I'll prune the thread periodically, but other moderators are welcome to help out as well.  We're going to try to keep this to a single page topic.

EDIT:  A good find by Mongoose, we can also refer to this Gamespot list which is periodically updated but not always current:

The original Mafia is free to keep on Steam for the next few days.

Scourge of Ages:
Oooh, I've been wanting to try Dark Deity

Scourge of Ages:
Sable! Everybody says it's great, but I was just never interested enough to spend money on it, so this is perfect.

Huh, I had Sable on my Steam wishlist, but forgot to check the daily giveaway yesterday. Granted I never download anything from Epic so I'd still rather buy it on Steam.


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