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3D printing figurines

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Mito [PL]:
A ten inch long Raynor, in high quality and full color? My God, what kind of mad printer setup and mad skills have you got? :D

Colonol Dekker:
Hey hey hey....   I'm willing to assemble it from sections and airbrush it myself :p

Update #1:
After 4 hours of trying to get the Erebus into a printable STL file, I got the first of what would have been 2 prints started:

Unfortunately, I discovered that the power outlet I use for my printer happens to also be connected to the one of the outlets in my kitchen...that I plugged an electric griddle into and promptly tripped the breaker  :(

Good news is that, at 75microns with the carbon fiber PLA I use, the finish is looking quite good.
This print failure is a bit of a blessing in disguise though, as this print would have been ~6 inches long and as Dekker was looking for 10 inches (and I am inclined to agree), I can now restart and hopefully make a better finished product.

I won't have another opportunity to run the printer again until this weekend though, so don't expect another update until then.

Mito [PL]:
Maybe you could print the turrets separately so that they would slot in and maybe even insert some kind of a tiny bearing for them to rotate? That would also allow you for higher turret quality.

Meybe even get some lenses and insert some LEDs where the beam cannons are :P.

Colonol Dekker:
That's a bit overkill.   Just separate turrets and to scale is fine.  (I'm not placing any orders til I know costs of a piece to the UK though)   ;)


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