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Knossos maintenance project: 0.15.0 development builds available!

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Phantom Hoover:
After two years, the lost knowledge of how to build and package Knossos for distribution has been rediscovered. This allows us to finally deploy some small but significant fixes, and potentially more in the future.

Current build is here — 2022.08.29

I don't have a formal changelog but here are the notable changes I'm aware of:

* Kiloku fixed some sort of issue with joystick setup. I don't know the details but it sounds annoying if you use joysticks.
* ngld fixed the 'install from GoG installer' so it actually works against the latest GoG installer. This also means it doesn't work against older GoG installer files, though.
* EatThePath made the 'FSO settings' window slightly bigger, so you don't have to scroll down to see the 'save' button
* I changed the timer for reloading the master mod list from once an hour to once a day, because it was wasting a ton of everyone's time. Remember to use the manual reload button if you know there are updates you want to see.
* EatThePath expanded the error messages on mod dependency resolution to be considerably more informative.
Source code for these changes can be found at

I don't use Windows, how do I get these new builds?

Depends on what you're using instead:

"I use Arch, btw" — take the PKGBUILD from the AUR and apply the following patch (paste it into a file in the same directory called 'fix.patch' and run 'patch PKGBUILD fix.patch'):

--- Code: ---diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 36f0a71..50c1890 100644
@@ -15,16 +15,16 @@ depends=(
 makedepends=('python-setuptools' 'ninja' 'yarn')
-    "${pkgver}.tar.gz"
+    "old-knossos::git+"
 package() {
-    cd "$srcdir/old-${_name}-$pkgver"
+    cd "$srcdir/old-knossos"
     yarn install

--- End code ---

"I use Ubuntu, or some other Linux distribution" — you're kind of on your own here, I can walk you through how to run Knossos in 'dev mode' directly but packaging it all up with all of its dependencies is beyond my current means.

"I use MacOS" — you're on your own here. God have mercy on you. (It should be fairly straightforward but I just don't have Mac hardware to test on.)

Oh yay! Knossos is being maintained again!

I don't suppose this is the right place for feature requests?

Alas probably not. As a community we still don't have easy capabilities to change things in Knossos, and with ngld (the dev) tied up with RL the chance of any larger changes is relatively low.

honestly, speaking as someone who is foolish enough to tinker, I think it's useful to know what people need out of it, and what their problems are, especially if they can be specific. There's a few headline things we'd like to fix or change, but a lot of it has gotten murky in the haze of people just learning to live with the problems.

Mostly I'd like a way to tag mods, and sort and search them. That would be the best way to handle a LOT of stuff, like which ones are voice acted and which are just modpacks.


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