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FSO, FSP, wait, what?

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Hello everyone
I'm a total newb (as if you couldn't tell) to this forum and I just joyously read up upon all the new cool, shiny thing you awesome people have made and achieved. but when browsing the campaigns-list in the free-space-wiki, it says some require both FSP and FSO. Now, just what does that mean? Is FSO the original version? and FSP the open source project? or the other way round? and why would a campaign need both? imma confused o.O

so, thanks in advance for your help, let's have a great time here

greetz from berlin, germany,


FSO means freespace open. It is the current code that has been worked on by modders since Volition released the source code.

Present day freespace2 is often referred to as FSO.

FSP is freespace port I believe, but I usually hear people say FSport. That is the freespace1 game ported to FSO.

So yeah, quick list of need-to-know:

* HLP: Hard-Light Productions, that's here.
* FS1 / FS2: FreeSpace 1 and 2, self explanatory. Note the original FS2 is commonly referred to as "Retail", by opposition to FSO.
* FSO: FreeSpace Open, the engine builds.
* SCP: Source Code Project, the guys who work on the code for the engine.
* MVPs: MediaVPs, the set of improved ships and assorted visual assets to graphically improve FS2 and all mods based on FS2.
* FSU: FreeSpace Upgrade, the guys doing the MVPs.
* FSPort: the FreeSpace Port, port of FS1 to the FS2 and FSO engines.
* ST: Silent Threat, an official campaign for FS1 set between FS1 and FS2 (which has been ported as part of FSPort, and remade as STR, Silent Threat Reborn)
Now I'm not gonna go over the mod acronyms, thankyouverymuch.

Welcome Fateshifter. :nod:

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