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Voice Acting: The Battle of Neptune

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Dilmah G:
Yo! Thanks dude, I’ll keep you in mind!

Dilmah G:
Update on this:

1. I may very well live to regret putting this in writing, but at this stage, I am confident enough with the pace of re-takes that 31st of October will be the hard right for the VA re-re-release. So ideally we'll see it a few weeks before then, but we'll see!

2. I'm looking to re-cast a death message line. To Marguel and the other guys who have expressed interest as of late, we'll be in touch.  :cool:

I played and thoroughly enjoyed Neptune. I hope it's not the last BP style mission you make.

Dilmah G:
Glad to hear it! It definitely won’t be, at the very least I’ve got plans for the end of this year. There might even be some bonus content in the VA release of BoN.  ;)

Don't you tease me boi


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