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DOUBLE RELEASE: Persephone and Oceanus [MODELS]

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Aight, since these have been teased around on Discord and Screenshot threads, here they are. I don't know how many people see this because it's tucked away in my little subforum but what the heck, at least it'll be out there for anyone who bothers looking. :P

This time, a double-release! Since these got finished at roughly the same time. This also marks the first set of ships made for DE which feature TEAM COLORS! Since Andrew figured out how to set them! Yay! The older ships are in the process of being converted for team colors, slowly. A full pack will be re-released when they are done.

First of all, the FT TR Persephone, a transport, since there can never be enough auxiliary ships out there. Hades dropped off this model to me years ago, and I UVmapped it right away, then promptly forgot about it and it's been sitting on my hard drive ever since. I think it's even survived a hard drive crash through being backed up onto another one. At any rate, Andrew volunteered to texture this (so he could escape working on something else, but that's a different story entirely), and here it is.


* Model: Hades
* UV Mapping: Droid803
* Textures: AndrewofDoom
Download: (4.98 MB)

Secondly, we have the FT CL Oceanus, intended to replace what we are currently using the UEFg Karuna/FTFg Hyperion model for. This is far from a faithful re-build like the Tethys, and considerably greater departure than even the Euryphaessa's model, primarily because fundamentally, the re-refit Tethys (carrier configuration) is actually quite similar to the Karuna's turret arrangement and role, and we wanted something justifiably different, so the concept was to have more of a "brawler" type ship compared to the standoff/frontal-engagement-favoring design...also, AndrewofDoom wanted to see some big broadsides, and I wanted my space-Takao.

How much of it was the former and how much of it was the latter I'd leave it for you to imagine.  :nervous:

Table included has the base FOVs of the main battery turrets set so that there shouldn't be any barrel clipping under normal circumstances.


* Model and UV Mapping: Droid803
* Textures: AndrewofDoom
Download: (5.6 MB)


* This release is intended for mod developers interested in using these models.
* This release is not intended as a drop-in-replacement. Dropping the models and textures into the DE folder will not do anything, so it's fairly foolproof in that regard unless you try to get smart and edit the tbls and paste the included table entry in. Which will work, but don't expect support if you do this.
* Sample table file is included for reference. Use at your own risk.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. (CC-BY-NC)
You are free to use this for other mods and games, as long as attribution is given and you're not trying to sell it.

wooh! DE has been on a roll with new ships lately :)

...and he still make debris using boolean :P

Good work! I may already have usage for the Persephone.

So, on the forward underside of the Oceanus, what's the disco ball thing for?   ;7


--- Quote from: perihelion on January 30, 2017, 08:27:08 am ---So, on the forward underside of the Oceanus, what's the disco ball thing for?   ;7

--- End quote ---
I second that question :D


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