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The FreeSpace Upgrade Project / Re: MediaVPs 3.8 Discussion Thread
« Last post by tomimaki on August 14, 2018, 09:44:49 am »
Thank you, mjn.mixael, for hard work on releasing MediaVPS and quick update :yes:

Is there any chance to include better radar icons from BirdofPrey?
Nightly Builds / Nightly: 14 August 2018 - Revision 1307636
« Last post by SirKnightly on August 14, 2018, 08:30:15 am »
Here is the nightly for 14 August 2018 - Revision 1307636

Group: MacOSX
nightly_20180814_1307636-builds-MacOSX.tar.gz (Mirror)

Group: Linux
nightly_20180814_1307636-builds-Linux.tar.gz (Mirror)

Group: Win64 (Mirror)

Group: Win32 (Mirror)

Code: [Select]
commit 7e39968
Author: asarium <Mon Apr 23 15:37:17 2018 +0200>
Commit: asarium <Tue Apr 24 14:57:52 2018 +0200>

    Enable qtFRED for all deployments
 CMakeLists.txt                   |   1 -
 ci/appveyor/build.ps1            |   1 +
 ci/travis/       |  17 ++++++++++-------
 ci/travis/             |   7 +++++--
 ci/travis/             |  34 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 cmake/        |   4 +++-
 cmake/appimage.cmake             |  14 ++++++--------
 freespace2/CMakeLists.txt        |   4 ++--
 qtfred/CMakeLists.txt            |  23 ++++++++++++++++++++++-
 qtfred/cmake/ |   7 +++++++
 qtfred/cmake/           |   4 ++++
 qtfred/resources/fred_icon.png   | Bin 0 -> 44769 bytes
 12 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)
Hang on a sec. If a big, powerful, expensive ship doesn't afford me any advantage, what's the ****ing point in playing the game? I'm supposed to grind for hours to level up my money and ships only for that to give me no advantage over someone who just started in a crappy fighter? Why the **** would I bother? Chris Roberts has just admitted that there is no point in actually playing his game. There's no progression.
General Discussion / Re: Parker Solar Probe
« Last post by DefCynodont119 on August 14, 2018, 07:55:03 am »
Yep, If there's one thing Kerbal Space Program taught me; (and it taught me many things) It's that going to the Sun is fracking insanely Delta-V / fuel consuming.

I can't wait either.  :nod:
FS2 Open Tools / Re: PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.12.2 (combined launcher/installer)
« Last post by hirmuolio on August 14, 2018, 06:58:21 am »
I already pointed the problem of strict FSO version requirements some time ago.

"version": "3.8.0-2" will run 3.8.0-2 only and refuse to run on newer version even if you try.

"version": ">=3.8.0-2" will run just fine on newer version if you set them to.

I don't think the first one is good. You can't know if a mod will be incompatible with a future release beforehand.
Gaming Discussion / Re: World of Warships - Now Available
« Last post by Enioch on August 14, 2018, 06:03:25 am »
My clanmates tell me that they are exceptional from T8 upwards. The Gadjajajajajaja Madraraja, in particular seems to be a gem.
General Discussion / Re: Parker Solar Probe
« Last post by Scourge of Ages on August 14, 2018, 05:04:15 am »
I'm actually pretty excited about this mission. I'm looking forward to seeing what they find out about the stuff they're trying to learn about.

OK, I don't know much about it besides that it's a hard thing to do.

FS2 Open Coding - The Source Code Project (SCP) / Re: Release: 3.8.0
« Last post by Mongoose on August 14, 2018, 03:13:50 am »
IANACoder, but the implementation of SDL means it's now theoretically possible for engine support to be added for additional axes and multiple controllers.  Obviously actually developing that support is non-trivial.
The FreeSpace Upgrade Project / Re: MediaVPs 3.8 Discussion Thread
« Last post by Nightmare on August 14, 2018, 02:42:51 am »
Thank you all for trying the MediaVPs 3.8 Early Access. We've just released a new version addressing your concerns.

You just could've said that you needed testers! :D
One reason why I am not bothered by so-called "pay-to-win", as done in SC, is that it is in fact realistic and immersive. In the real world, wealthy people can buy better equipment, and there is no reason to expect new SC characters should be uniformly poor. You certainly have more money than brains characters in the real world, so why not in SC? They cannot buy better skill, tough. As long as this "pay-to-win" is restricted to merely buying equipment and not directly affecting gameplay, I dont see how it diminishes my own enjoyment of the game.
The real world is a really, really ****ty game.  That Star Citizen is trying to mimic it by also being ****ty is not a point in its favor.

Also, your ship being better than the other guy's because you put money into it and he didn't definitely does directly affect gameplay.
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