How many of the following do you own?

Have Descent 1
41 (9.7%)
Have Descent 2
42 (9.9%)
Have Descent 3
45 (10.6%)
Have Descent 3 Mercenary Expansion Pack
30 (7.1%)
Have FreeSpace 1 (Descent: or Conflict: FreeSpace)
79 (18.6%)
Have FreeSpace 1 Silent Threat Expansion
56 (13.2%)
Have FreeSpace 2
94 (22.2%)
I like marbles
37 (8.7%)

Total Members Voted: 100

Author Topic: Who has FreeSpace or Descent?  (Read 5850 times)

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Re: Who has FreeSpace or Descent?
My main issue with D3 multi was lag and the fact that I pilot my ship like a car (i.e. utilising only up to four degrees of freedom instead of six). I thought that was a big problem. And then I started playing FS2 multiplayer, which is arguably a shade worse.

i started out on FS1 multiplayer, so it was all uphill from there :P
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