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POF exporter for MAX - Need people with MAX 4, 5 and 6 for testing

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Ok, this is the first public beta version. It's basically an export plugin for 3D Studio MAX r5 - it won't work on other versions as of now, but I'm working on recompiling it for MAX 4 and 6. It'll convert the model, and if you add the proper helpers and adjust the names, it can generate most of the extra POF data. Right now it's able to generate:

- Detail Levels
- Debris
- Gun/Missile Turrets
- Gun/Missile Banks
- Shields
- Insignia
- Paths
- Docking Points
- Engines
- Subsystems
- Glow Points

It'll also preserve the model hierarchy from MAX on the POF subobject hierarchy. It's still somewhat buggy, hence the beta status, but it worked with all well-formed models I tried. Some notes:

- Don't try to convert objects without UVW data (except for the shields)
- All mesh materials must have a bitmap type texture on the Diffuse slot
- The shield object shouldn't have a material (found problems with that once or twice, do this just to make sure)

The readme.txt file included with the ZIP contains instructions on how to set up your MAX scene, and a sample scene with a very simple model. I just ask that, if you try it and find a problem, report it so I can get it fixed. Alongside the POF file the exporter will generate a few log files ("pofexp.log","pofexp_debug.log" and "pofexp_mesh.log"), if you could send me these files when you report a bug it would be helpful. Also, if you can tell me specifically what went wrong, I could get it fixed a lot faster.

Anyway, here's the file - it contains the plugin for MAX 4, 5 and 6, a readme, and a sample file (with a texture):

More functionality will be added soon, including support for subsystems and SCP specific POF data.

EDIT: Yes, that file is the last version, I'll keep it updated here on the first post. :)

[color=66ff00]For all of you wondering if you'll be able to use this plugin with Gmax I have a bit of disappointing news: It seems that Discreet charges $1200 a year for use of the Gmax SDK and it would seem that the plugins are written in a different way to stop game devs. from using a max SDK to write Gmax plugins.

The only cross platform plugins are those that are written in plain text that max and Gmax's 'console' use. Now you know why Gmax doesn't have as big a following as it could have. :blah:

Styxx, you might not need to release MT to get ahold of that god status.  I'll put it through its paces ASAP.

EDIT: I can't get it to load, probably doing something wrong though.  Are there any files that I need?

what is wrong with you people!?!
why is there only one responce to this!?!

Hi :)

When will the version for Max 6 be released ? I only have Max6.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Bobboau
what is wrong with you people!?!
why is there only one responce to this!?!
--- End quote ---

Cause it was posted at 3 in the morning for us Brits. :D

Anyway I have MAX 6 so this is not much use for me at the moment. As soon as the 6 version comes out I'll be doing some testing :)


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