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I know you are right, I will have to look where, and how to set one up. Like I said, I don't know how to, I'm not good in such things (maybe I'm already to old for such things  :lol: ). For the beginning, I hope it's possible to place it on the ftp, and our both coders can communicate with each other who is working where. But that's certainly not a solution for the future.

If you're in doubt about how to get an SVN setup going, I'd suggest inquiring with our newly-minted admin rev_posix, since he has been doling out SVN goodness to HLP projects for a while now :)

Sounds good, thanks for the info :)

Yep... SVN will increase your team efficiency by a lot. I can't imagine how we used to do without it. You'll definitely want the FTP too.
Interesting project, BTW! Wish I had more time, modeling and texturing mechs sounds like a lot of fun. At any rate good luck with it and welcome.

gevatter Lars:
First I thought there was something with my eyes when I saw your new avatar. Now I know they are fine ^_^

Nice to see you guys haveing a forum here. Makes it much easier for me to keep track on the development.
Good luck with your project.


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