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I thought I would start a new thread and place it in the public branch of the forum so that I could have as many people look at the problem as possible.

I have a problem with a 3d model I am attempting to add to MC2, the majority of the faces are missing or white...
I am learning 3ds as I go so if you are attempting to help please do not assume I have done anything correctly!

Here is a link to a pic of what my problem is

I am using 3ds max and exporting as a .ase file, the model displays correctly within 3ds

Also for anyone who wants to see the original .max files I can provide these

Please send me the ase, max and the texture file. I will take a look :) I can't help you with the mech animations, but at least I learned now a little while adding new buildings. The editor is really *****y if the ase file is not correctly edited.

But maybe people with more experience in 3DS Max can be of more help here than myself.....


Here are the files, you can download from mediafire?

Looks like some/all of the faces have inverted so the outside is facing in, in blender it would be a case of drop the model into mesh editing, select everything and recalculate normals.  Don't know how you go about that in max though.

Normals have been suggested a couple of times now, I have tried what I can regarding normals with 3ds but I think I will download blender and use the recalculate see what happens.

This may be my ignorance but would inverted faces result in transparent faces in the 3d model in game?


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