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The E:
A short list of things and features that I consider to be worth working on. I'll categorize them based in my personal and completely biased estimation of how hard or desirable they are. Please add your own suggestions, but please be aware that at this moment, the only people working on this are me and Echelon9, so don't expect the same sort of turnaround we manage in FSO.

Short term goals:
1. Convert the List and Text utility classes to their STL equivalents (std::string and std::vector/std::list respectively).

2. Make the mission editor more powerful. It already has an event manager, and I think that it may be worthwhile to add more commands there.

3. Sort of related to 2, investigate options to include a scripting language. If at all possible, I want to use a preexisting scripting language like Lua or Python.

4. Create an OpenGL renderer. This is my personal pet project. It's either that, or learning how to DirectX, and I am not too keen on doing that.

5. Use Collada dae as a native model format in addition to the proprietary .mag format used now.

Long term goal:

Make Starshatter cross-platform. I am really going to need help on this, as my POSIX fu is rather weak.

Talon 1024:

--- Quote from: The E on June 02, 2012, 02:56:32 pm ---...Please add your own suggestions...

--- End quote ---
Fix the bugs in Starshatter vanilla, of course. :)

Good luck to you guys.

The E:
Well, yes. Would help if someone could put those on the Google code bugtracker.

Will switching to OpenGL fix the z-buffer issues? When I converted the Solaris it wasn't so much z-fighting but rather z-thunderdome grudge match.

The E:
Depends in what is causing it. Personally, I believe that's caused by Starshatter's stencil shadows, but I am not sure at this point. My main reason for wanting to do an ogl renderer is that I am much more familiar with it.


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