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Google Code is Dead


Google Code Will be closed Within one year.

we must move StarShatter Source to Other Site.

Could it be moved to SourceForge?


--- Quote ---How To Migrate Your Data Off Google Code

The simplest way to migrate off of Google Code is to use the Google Code to GitHub exporter tool, which provides an automated way to migrate a project’s source, issues, and wikis to a new GitHub repo. Please note: GitHub’s importer will convert any Subversion or Mercurial Google Code projects to use Git in the process.

We also offer stand-alone tools for migrating to GitHub and Bitbucket, and SourceForge offers a Google Code project importer service.
--- End quote ---

Phantom Hoover:
SourceForge is absolutely, utterly awful. Use Github or Bitbucket.

Agreed, GitHub or similar is the place to go.


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