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How to Recover Damaged Fighters



I have bunch of damaged fighters, is there a way to recover them?

Are these computer-controlled or your own piloted fighters? If the latter, you probably still at least have fore and aft thrusters. I don't think SS disables pitch, yaw, or roll thrusters, but translation thrusters can definitely be knocked out. If you therefore have the main engine intact, you should be able to nurse your bird back to the boat. (Note that I am coming from the angle of playing SS with "full realism," which is in truth actually semi-Newtonian.) IF THE FORMER, you may just be SOL. That would be a task for a mod/coding project; unfortunately, SS has not received the love it really needs in that regard.

...If you look at some of the other threads, you will see that there have been coding efforts in the past, but organization was never fully intact.

thanks for your time and trick.

Disabled (destroyed drive) fighter was mine, but I wanted to learn a way to recover disabled AI fighters which I never find a way AFAIR.

Off topic:

SS:TGS failed because of developers' lack of ambition and determination imho. X Universe started painfully too if I remember correctly, but they just keep improving it and never given up thus far; they created large fanbase and support, especially with X3. There are failed efforts too, for example 3000AD's Battlecruiser series, but I can say that developers of SS:TGS were have enoug skill to improve the game.

Please let me know if my sentences are not understandable.

You're more understandable than several other forumites here in my opinion. :)

I think your opinion is interesting - therefore, I wonder if more blame should be attributed to Destroyer Studios or to Matrix Games. To their credit, the former completely overhauled the graphics engine of the original SS (which seems mostly lost to the internet, aside from the demo) and put a lot of polish into the final project. I'm not sure I buy the art style which accompanies the game's timeline (the original blocky graphics actually served it better in that regard), but it stands its own ground regardless. But you are correct in a sense - someone stopped trying. It happens a lot for many diverse reasons. My guess is that the publisher is mostly to blame, as they in turn pay the developer. No reward, no risk, right?


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