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I am looking for the FreeSpace TC


Heyya guys,

unfortunately i was hit by Ransomware last week and some of my Starshatter: TGS files were encrypted as well. Unfortunately this was one kind of files, i did not backup'd at external devices (for non-critical files i was only prepared for the case of individual Hard Disk failures)  :doubt:

Because i do not negotiate with criminals and also i can not rely that there will be a Decryptor in the future, i try to restore as much files as possible via Downloads. So far i was able to restore most of the mods of the game i am used to since over a decade. So i can start a dynamic campaign as a tank or even turret commander on a remote planet, again.

But well, of all the Total Conversions, i have some difficulties to find the FreeSpace Universe package with the ships of both games, the complete starmaps and systems, factions, weapon technologies and the different rule modifier for the dynamic campaign.
Because HLP is the main FreeSpace source in the internet, which also have a Starshatter board, i hope, that someone here in this forum have this one? :-). Did not find anything about it in the stickies, though.

Next to the B5 universe TC the Freespace TC was always my favorite TC for this game (of course ^^), because it was a very good addition to my personal freespace experience, because in Starshatter i was able to start a career as a fighter pilot without any command privileges which can be promoted up to Admiral with an own fleet in command after countless successful missions and hours. I would miss that, actually :(
Because no other FreeSpace game or FreeSpace Mod for a game give me this kind of increasing responsibility in a seamless transition.



I knew rscaper was working on a BP-themed Starshatter mod, but I'm not sure he distributed any of his work. That is the extent of information I can give here, and I am terribly sorry that it's not a lot!

It's not one of those sloppy ransomware infections that merely sets all files to hidden, is it?  Other than that, not sure what else you could do.


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