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I'm back! There wasn't too much community activity over last few months but nonetheless I've been selectively giving some time to this project. Today I present you with "End of September Development Update". Long version is available in the dev blog over here. Short versions are available, well... here and in spacesimcentral forums (the content is obviously similar).

I'm still focusing on internal parts of the implementation with some rare changes that could be seen by the player. One major addition in this build is vox and music data that was missing. It has been integrated into the automated packaging process and resources are now hosted, so any future build will also contain these. This has been requested in ssc forums.

Another rather big change is removal of Datafile utility in favour of a new dat tool, that is very similar but the underlying implementation is completely new and written from scratch. The main benefit from the whole effort is compatibility with POSIX/Linux platforms. The same new dat format implementation has been integrated into Starshatter itself making another step towards being able to build it on Linux.

Small news for community, I created a Discord Server to help interested people contacting me in a more responsive way than any of the forums. I hope HLP stuff does not mind it, as there is no channel for Starshatter over in HLP server.


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