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It is always worth finishing something the right way the first time no matter how long it takes.


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Why do we even need to have continuous interest in the project until it's released?  When it comes, it comes, and we can rave all about it as we finally get to play it.  Until then, we don't even particularly have to think about it, other than the occasional pondering of when it will finally be released.  So long as the mod team keeps working, it'll make it out at some point.


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All I have to say is we have been waiting for 8 years so far and we are tired of waiting. The project will eventually lose public support and people will decide to give up waiting if this keeps up. People will eventually decide to forget BWO and move on if they get too old and have more in life to deal with in the future and it still isn't released, and then BWO will lose complete public support thus making it so it will never be released or get worked on and at that point far into the future, even if released, the fans' lives would have changed so much that they wouldn't care about BWO. That would have made all the work in vain and it isn't worth the risk. I'm sure the BWO forum was much more active and the progress speed was much faster in 2002 than now. Most people got tired of waiting and forgot about BWO and moved on, I think. I have to admit that I don't think about BWO much anymore like I did back then because thinking about it and thinking it will be released soon is pointless and waste of time when we all know it is very unlikely to be the case and I'm getting older too. I first heard about BWO when I was about 18 and now I'm almost 26 and BWO is the least on my mind. Maybe I get interested in other things in life and other games and also want to focus more on the future in my life.
We're really not out for popularity contests although its certainly nice to know people want to play what we've been working on for all this time.  If people move on...they do. Its not like we can stop them or help it either.  We do what we do on the limited resources we had...we lost most of the staff on the project several times or everyone went away for a while and then came back.  We had some more recent infusions of new blood which helps.  But its a large project...nobody is getting everyone does it when they can.  So we're not living up to certain individuals requirements for timeline...thats ok.
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And it's not like we don't wish we couldn't have given it to you yesterday. It's just that it's not done keeps getting in the way.

I'll close this, any help we need, we'll ask for.