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Re: Freespace/Blue Planet Illustrations
If you're talking about the C2 gray markers, I hoard those like a doomsday prepper. Those and the Bic 1.6mm ballpoint pens.


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Re: Freespace/Blue Planet Illustrations
Theme's the ones, liblive a uni all fineliner multipack 0.01 to 0.8, also refills for "that" brushbpen too.

Ellipse guides,  never thought about them till I got his how to draw book, now my wife is suspicious as she googled them and they're not cheap  :lol:

Just wish I could commit to practice.

Looking forward to seeing some oneoneothree stuff in game  :yes:

Re: Freespace/Blue Planet Illustrations
Just out of curiousity, did you ever finished that one ship you wanted to convert to FS?
No, all the working files got stolen along with my laptop. The model is still up on P3D ( Edit: the P3D download includes the texture files so there might actually be a chance to make it game-ready.

Damn, that's extreme unfortunate to loose awesome work that way :(


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Re: Freespace/Blue Planet Illustrations
Anybody got these still?