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I´m running this mod with Homeworld 2 Classic (from the Remastered Edition) and its absolutely great :)
I would like to assist you but i think i can´t help anymore because i´m just a modeller  :(

Does this V4 working with the regular HW:R Edition? Or do we still have to use the Classic-Version?

v4 is for HW:R and is not compatible with classic. It introduces a host of new features that would not have been possible with classic.

If you have experience with 3DS max, or would like to learn, you could contribute a great deal to getting the game released. Our team has a critical deficiency with modelers/UV mappers and individuals with even a few skills in this area can be a great benefit. Updating the models to the new engine has been the single most significant hurdle towards release.

Otherwise, we're moving toward releasing a closed beta once we solve the last few technical difficulties.

So no more upgrades for Classic :(,I was really hoping that i'll get shielded fighters and bombers.

Unfortunately, the features we have established in v4 simply aren't backwards compatible. We pushed the classic engine to the limit, and the things we're doing with the remastered engine are way beyond what we used to be able to do. We're closer to bringing in all the awesome elements of FS than ever before.

Fighters now have trails when they are in a nebula or dust cloud, and have trails come from their engines while afterburning.

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im getting pretty good a uv mapping im not a modeler just play around with stuff i use blender but i do have the patience and time to do some mapping


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