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--- Quote from: Galemp on November 15, 2022, 01:32:30 pm ---Can I suggest that the nUdjat and similarly high-poly models go into a Scroll_Advanced VP?
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That's an idea.  However, we would need additional features in the modular POFs toolbox to make full use of it.  Currently, we need to duplicate the Mjolnir, Triton, and Ravana models (and possibly others) to augment the POF data.  I'll put it on the list.

--- Quote from: CP5670 on November 16, 2022, 10:43:24 pm ---I've had Scroll on my radar for a long time but only just got around to playing it. Great missions with a very Vasudan atmosphere and dialogue. I actually really liked the scanning stealth missions and the stealth HUD is a big improvement over older campaigns with stealth missions. It's fun to play through both branches and see the same events from different points of view. The music is also very fitting for the missions. I especially like the piece in the first stealth mission. The voice acting works well and took me a while to understand. The Terran speech sounds garbled to you as a Vasudan, and then the translator says it in a way you understand. I totally lost it when I heard what audio was used for the Vasudan laugh. :D

Like BTA, Scroll gets a lot of small details right to create a world that sucks you in, without ever feeling very dramatic. I like how all the tech room descriptions express a Vasudan point of view and the "GVTA" follows that idea too, V comes before T from the Vasudan perspective. However, I agree with SF-Junky that the story doesn't really explore its potential, at least in Part 1. What are the Shivans doing in these systems? They seem to be in a defensive posture compared to FS1 or FS2 and are easily deceived until the last two missions. I'm guessing that will be for Part 2. The scroll verses also feel disconnected from the campaign plot, as nicely written as they are. Maybe in Part 2, you can have the scroll describe missions in an allegorical manner from a "narrator's" perspective and you then see it play out from a pilot's perspective (the game Cryostasis is a great example of this).

I'm definitely looking forward to Part 2 of this.
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Thanks for the comments. :)

Some of the explanations are known and planned; others only exist in the mind of Sesquipedalian and he hasn't told us yet.  In particular, Sesq has a lot more Scroll excerpts written in various stages of completion - hopefully they will see light one day.  As for the Shivans, part of it is what you see - Shivans being driven out as Vasudans and Terrans claim new systems - and part of it will be disclosed in Part 2.

Hey you guys ,

I really love the  campaign  ,  i can't pass the   scanning  of the shivan base.
is there any way to beat this  mission  i alwys faile cause i'm  trying to get didected.

Why there  i can't choose to continue without passing the  missing aftre 5 times like in the normal  freespace2?

Any workthroughs?

Thanks for the comments!  Can you tell us the mission title?  I'm assuming this is "Through the Looking Glass", but I want to be sure.

To avoid being detected, make sure your proximity monitor is on, and don't get closer than 300m to fighters or sentry guns.  Also, listen to the recommendations from Zeta 1.

It should be possible to skip the mission like in normal FS2, but make sure you actually view the failure debriefing 5 times.  Simply restarting the mission in the middle of it will not count.

 If you really don't want to play the mission (and I wouldn't blame you for it), just turn the difficulty up to insane and crash 5 times.  You should get the skip option.  I have done that a few times when I get a bad autosave

Version 1.10.0 is up with a few scripting refinements that require 23.0.  A few voice files have also had pronunciations fixed.


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