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Suggestions. Additional list 1.

[Nemo?] 15. Type #3 of the artillery. Extra large artillery with carpet bombing.

Require special 1+1 units, mobile HQ + artillery car. Might used only once per unit. Use AI type artillery effect from Nemo's artillery modification + cover large space, say up to 100-200 meters range + carpet LRM effect from MC2.

16. Hard to proceed, I guess, still. Add an option to drop some tanks/repair support on the mission. Similar to MC2 / MC2X feature, but for money here. Prices are the same that are in store for them. Probably in some missions you can "hide" specific units that can be dropped on the map. Main problem here is that you will need the unit on specific location that player will choose, i.e. it's not pre-configurated one as turned off ally mechs and so.

By other hand, perhaps, in several missions some specific "drop zones" can be done, i.e. you can ask for support in, example, 2 places at the map, but not anywhere and "unhide" units there.

Another option for it - you place typical ally tanks/mechs/what ever. They are turned off. You enter specific supported "drop zone" -> pay the price -> got the unit, like a "shop on the battlefield".

[Nemo?] 17. Make an possibility to play campaign in cooperative mode and save the progress. Each player in that case can take 1 drop zone, F1 or F2, have separate mechbay, etc., i.e. everything is similar to multiplayer mode, but later need to:

17.1. Combine those folks to one team, not opposite onces.
17.2. Somehow make an ability to save further progress on one / both PC's to continue it later. Each player will have it's own results/resoures progress that somehow need to be saved.

Bugs, misc things that require some work around. Update 1.

0. In the briefings of a number of missions, 1,2,7,8,11,17,19,20,23,24,28,29,30,31,32,33 missing gaps / there are minor errors.

--- Quote ---When anyone sees any issues with the briefings, here: [MISSIONS.RAR]. Prometheus briefings for modding - meant to be put in mission folders
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Erased some other description errors in briefings / HUD objectives in-mission: 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 29, 32 & 33 (18 fixes for the issue IS vs Clan - missions all where originally made VS clan not VS is!) - done-
--- End quote ---

Perhaps some things might be left.

[Nemo] 1. In mission 3, the allied Bushwacker has no ammo for the LBX AC / 10.

[Nemo] 2. After mission 3, during the reconfiguration of the Bushwacker, there may be crash in case the loss of new weapons, which can only be stored in mechs. To avoid this do not try to remove the IS Medium Laser from one. Other components and the mech itself do not generate bugs.

[Nemo] 3. Is MachineGun does not have a picture of the weapon itself.

[Nemo] 4. Fuel Truck has no description in mission 7. And in total.

[Nemo] 5. The allied Centurion in mission 12 has no ammo for AC / 10 by default, incl. after repair.

6. LEYA pilot use configuration of the pilot Beast, which was originally male. At the same time, the sounds are taken from ISIS, as well as another new pilot.

7. Some buildings can have no name.

8. In Mission 12 the south gate of the base is not attached to the control.

9. Mission 15. The same 2 errors that were previously encountered when copying missions from The Repulse. Most of the enemy 'Mechs are painted in the old clan color, the targets have no names.

10. Mission 20. There is no one mark on the tactical map before the start of the mission, although this is due to the fact that the enemy troops are scattered across the terrain, on the other hand, the task of moving to the point of withdrawal does not specifically appear in the description.

11. Mission 23. The destruction of enemy troops is designated as additional task, although it belongs to the main.

12. Mission 23. It is indicated that capturing a building will result in the display of containers on the map. In fact, this does not happen + given the overview that the hills give, it is not a problem to find those.

13. Mission 29. Turrets at the base do not work.

14. Idea. The enemy has 35 mechs in mission 30. Although among them there are assault and 2 Mad Cat's, it still has little chance of causing significant damage. It is better to make 3 waves attack at the same time, or perhaps all at once.

Suggestions. Additional list 2.

[Nemo?] 18. On the battlefield you can make a pick of which main task to complete. You can call it plot twist. As result next mission might be one or another. So to complete all missions player will require to play two times at least. This will add replayability. By other hand, harder to do, I guess, you can try MC2 option where you can pick up to 1 of 3 missions in sequence that you like, not the straight forward one.

19. In some missions you can drop APC's or small cars / tanks only. You need find dumps / repair bays around with different kind of mechs. Say one map / place can have up to 5-10 to take, but you can pick only 3. Make your choice carefully.

Hi RizZ,
nice work on modding MechCommander!
I encounter a bug in MC Prometheus mission OP1 mission 12 (Clan0112). After the loading screen appears, the game crashes with "ASSERT (FFFFFFFD  Could not start Warrior Brain) Address  : 0x00734303”
Missions 1 to 11 work flawlessly...
I'm using MCG_Prometheus_v0.2Beta + 000_MCG_Prometheus_Patch_v0.2a.

Update: It is working now with the version of Clan0112 from v0.2Beta! I just only copied the mission file from v0.2Beta into my MechCommander_Prometheus game folder.
Update2: Same with Clan0115.



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