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Suggestions for TTS Voice Acting Software

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Iain Baker:
Could you send me the batch file for balabolka please? I use it quite a bit so being able to use the other voices would be great. I’m guessing once you have recorded the sound clip as an MP3 you could then use audio editing software or even voice changing software to make it sound better.

Audacity is free 😊

Trivial Psychic:
I was emailed the link for the patch file:

The instructions on how to enable them are in a readme in the zip.

I'm still having some problems with Balabolka that are making it awkward.  Basically, if I make too many pitch changes in my recording, when it changes to another sentence, the next word with a pitch change will be followed by a delay as though it was changing sentences.  At first, I just loaded the file in Ocenaudio (which is my editor of choice) and eliminated the delay.  Unfortunately, the next word after the delay is always given an un-commanded pitch-change, breaking up the flow.  My solution to this, has been to break up my message into chunks, as many as necessary, and then stitch them together in Ocenaudio.  Unfortunately, this is time-consuming.

I have used the VoiceMaker webpage for voices I need for my Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Unoffiial Patch, and I was quite surprise that just registering gives you access to a lot of great variations. The only free use limit is the number of characters convertable in a certain amount of time as far as I remember.

Ive used the Azure TTS a lot, they have a free demo.

It will be difficult to make a full proyect with that because there is a daily limit until it starts to fail, but just something to keep in mind.

Iain Baker:
Another issue with non-prerecorded TTS in FSO is that you can't change its speed, which causes all sorts of out od synch issues since the TTS is generally too slow. Being able to speed it up like in pretty much any TTS program would probably help quite a bit.

I tried changing my global narration settings in Windows 10 to see if that would work in FSO but no luck. Does anyone have any ideas?


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