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From battle track to menu music.

Just finished the first draft of a quick remaster/remix of Joshua II for use as menu music in BP2. I'm trying something a bit more ambient and gentle-paced.

Success? Failure? Does it need more percussion? Etc.

Darius - Joshua II (Menu Music)


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Success. I really can't add anything. The moment this track started playing, I could almost see the Main hall of Blue Planet and feel myself inputting the basic keyboard settings and such. I mean, wow. Works perfectly as an ambient track, especially in menus.
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Now this one is awesome !


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You never fail to amaze, Darius.


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I shall save this for future enjoyment. :yes::yes:

EDIT: I personally would have it crescendo at the end rather than decrescendo, especially seeing as how it has to loop.
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Not bad, but I personally prefer the original menu theme - it perfectly captured the mood of the story.

Thinking about the BP music, was Brief09 cut from a longer piece of music? As it fades I'm almost certain I can hear it picking up pace again.
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Love this. I originally didnt think much of Joshua II...but after hearing it all the way...I'love it
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So , it is still unfinished , right ? Or am I wrong .

P.S. If you'd need any ambient music , I could upload some pretty good tracks .


Offline Darius

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Still a WIP. You'll hear the final version in-game.

Music is fine right now thanks.

was Brief09 cut from a longer piece of music?

Summon the Worms by Brian Tyler, Children of Dune soundtrack. The text file that comes with Blue Planet gives the source of all the music files.


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So much for that music major at my college who said he recognized it as "Mahler's 9th symphony"...


Offline Darius

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Updated this one a bit more, open to opinions about what works about it and what doesn't. Still quite short, as I'm considering it as a candidate for mainhall music.

Joshua II (Menu Version) | Direct Link


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Very nice.
Though I feel it's deviated quite from the original "Joshua" (aside from the few lines in the middle), which isn't a bad thing.
I'd say this version would be better than the last version as mainhall music :yes:, but the previous (the one included in BP) would be better for in-flight BGM. :nod:
That's just me.

Regardless, it's awesome.


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C'mon, download, download...before my connection with linksys kicks it...
* Androgeos Exeunt downloads the first version.

* Androgeos Exeunt sees the newer version.

Quote from: GTVA Colossus X-2
Well crap.
* Androgeos Exeunt listens to the first version.

Wow. It sounds really peaceful. If that lady on the Menu Screen is the Admiral of the Sanctuary, I think this piece of music fits perfectly. The best part of all is that it loops like a dream.

* Androgeos Exeunt downloads the so-called "Joshua III", aka. the second version and listens to it.

You know, at this rate, my MP4 will be filled with all your different pieces of Joshua II. All of them are the pinnacle of FreeSpace 2 menu music! I concur with Droid that the newer version is more fitting, but as campaign creator, you have the final say. And, to be frankly honest, I've never heard anything more beautiful than this.

Here's an idea: use one for the menu music, and the other for credits music. :)
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wait what


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And the last possible bit of free space in my MP3 player got filled up.

This sounds great.


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BTW Guys, could you direct me to some other FS1 and FS2 music remix'es ?


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The newer version (presumably the one you PMed me with?) is superior, and it's a perfect fit.


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Interesting. I haven't seen Blue Planet's "menu" yet, but the second one is better.
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I've filled up the remaining space on my MP4 with all three versions of Joshua II. Good stuff. :yes:
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Quote: Thursday, 14 January 2021, 1958 hrs UTC, #general
Nobody's allowed out over here anyway.   I nominate E (as a fair and just overlord) to arrange a Zoom HLP Social.

wait what

My biggest complaint is that neither one of them loops. I'm not sure if the main FS2 track does either.
Both versions I listed to have a definate beginning and an end, personally I'd prefer it if the songs blended together rather seamlessly (and yes, when people look at the Tech Room, they will hear it more than once). I mean, you can have a high point of the song, and some middle parts, etcetera, but still I'd like menu music to flow into another one much better. Instead of "oh, the songs over, here it starts again, with some major jarring inbetween"


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... Obviously, Joshua 2's better.
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