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Not bad, but I personally prefer the original menu theme - it perfectly captured the mood of the story.

Thinking about the BP music, was Brief09 cut from a longer piece of music? As it fades I'm almost certain I can hear it picking up pace again.

Love this. I originally didnt think much of Joshua II...but after hearing it all the way...I'love it

So , it is still unfinished , right ? Or am I wrong .

P.S. If you'd need any ambient music , I could upload some pretty good tracks .

Still a WIP. You'll hear the final version in-game.

Music is fine right now thanks.

--- Quote from: nvsblmnc on January 21, 2008, 01:44:08 pm ---was Brief09 cut from a longer piece of music?

--- End quote ---

Summon the Worms by Brian Tyler, Children of Dune soundtrack. The text file that comes with Blue Planet gives the source of all the music files.

So much for that music major at my college who said he recognized it as "Mahler's 9th symphony"...


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