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RELEASE - Liner graveyard combat arena (work in progress)


Heyo, here's a 1v1 mission I created to teach the missus general targeting, combat and collision avoidance.
Number of players can be modified easily, just hop into the Fred2 editor and add as many ships as you need.

The map consists of a few huge asteroids with a bunch of smaller asteroids and some derelict spacecraft for flavor.
I added a handful of color variations to the liner skin to make the experience slightly less uniformly gray.

Install by uncompressing the .rar-file in your Diaspora directory.

Tools used:
QuickVP, for easy browsing and extraction of .vp-archives:
The Gimp, for skin editing:
The AMD Compressonator, for viewing and creation of DDS-files:
Maja Express, for creation of .vp-archives:

Okay, since this features a mod. I'd better go over the rules for mods quickly.

1) Do NOT install to your Diaspora data folder. Instead create a new folder. Name it what you like (I called mine 3rd_Party_Mods). Inside that create a folder called data with a missions folder inside it. Stick the VP inside the 3rd_Party_Mods folder and the mission in 3rd_Party_Mods/data/missions. Then when you run the launcher, pick 3rd_Party_Mods as your mod.

2) Every time a new mod includes table files, you'll need to create a new mod folder for it. Most modders will do this for you and simply give you something to extract to your Diaspora folder.

Follow those rules, and you'll be fine. But if you install stuff to the main Diaspora folder, you could very quickly find yourself in trouble once you get mod altering different parts of Diaspora without playing nicely with each other (or any future Diaspora patches). 

*Takes Dev/Support Agent hat off* With that out of the way, I'll download the mission and give it a try. :)


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