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Fred Docking question


Hopefully this is something simple to fix.  I am working on a mission where I have 2 class six cargo transports docking with 2 separate Bolithos frigates.  One docks with no problem but the other repeatedly fails.  Both are using the same docking command.  ship name, bottom middle dock, bottom hatch dock,.  Thanks in advance for any help.

What does it actually do? This would be easier if I had the mission (or at least pictures of the SEXPs in question).

No problem.  I attached the mission file for your inspection.  As for what it does, the Cargo transport bumps into the Higgs, backs up, approaches, bumps, backs up, .....  The transport that docks with the Henry has no problem docking.  Hope that helps.

[attachment removed and sold on the black market]

I don't see anything immediately wrong with the mission (It actually seems pretty well put together actually). I'll try running it later and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Thanks for your help.  I've got some cleaning up to do still.


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