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Using two T16000 and T.A.R.G.E.T. in Diaspora

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On this forum and at Roberts (Space Citizen) there are some people who have posted about this.
So I am not the only one with two T16000M's :)

First of all, it is really strange setup (I mean 2 similar sticks)

I think most preferable (by popularity) setup for freespace will be :

1) keyboard + mouse
2) keyboard only
3) flightstick
4) HOTAS (flightstick + throttle) <- which is the best (I mean "fun" factor). Except you don't get "shooter style aiming precision" as using mouse. And your joystick must be very very precise with 0 deadzone and very light load. My choice is slightly modified Defender Cobra M5. For lateral thrusters I have 3 hat switches to choose from - 2 on stick and 1 on throttle.
I use VJoy + Joystick curves + SVMapper  soft to link Hotas into 1 device.
5) and now there's the guy with 2  T16k ( I think it's bit complicated setup for Freespace, but if you wish... However it could be fun to have 2 sticks for Mechwarrior or Descent)

But wait - how T16000 fits your left hand?

It is not uncommon to use two sticks. (although I hear you get owned in MECHWARRIOR online if you fight a dude who uses a mouse, but it could be just a skill-thing :))
These were exactly made for this purpose.
They can be converted to left-side use by a little tinker-work with a screwdriver.
They got good rep on a few review sites.
They are also budget. :)
Quality budget. They don't flip over when taking a dive, and they also lack deadzone issues other expensive joy's tend to have.
I did some extensive homework before I descided that this was my horse to bet on. :)

Hey, so long as it works for you.

We can possibly put in support for analog forward/reverse thrust. We've already got the digital keys, it would just be a matter of setting up a new control configuration and then wrestling it into the control config screen so that the user can actually use it.

We could also allow the relative throttle axis to engage in reverse thrust.


--- Code: ---/////////////
//The second part of the 'main' part of the main script. The MapKeying part. copy-past it into main file.

//First the right joystick MapKeys...:

// POV part. H1U= up, etc..

MapKey(&T16000, H1U, Match_Target_Speed); // T.A.R.G.E.T. has to find what defines Match_Target_Speed and finds it in the ttm file we made before if all is well :).  ''KP1''
MapKey(&T16000, H1UR, L_ALT + '2'); //this together with [shift] (any TS2) should give us 1/3 Throttle.. (see: this is the (my) Diaspora_button_Macros.ttm file. (part 2))
MapKey(&T16000, H1R, Toggle_Gliding); // ''KP3''
MapKey(&T16000, H1DR, L_ALT + '4'); // +[Sh]= 2/3 Thr
MapKey(&T16000, H1D, Launch_Countermeasures); // ''KP5''
MapKey(&T16000, H1DL, L_ALT + '6'); // +[Sh]= Thr Max
MapKey(&T16000, H1L, Afterburners); // ''KP7''
MapKey(&T16000, H1UL, L_ALT + '8'); // +[Sh]= Thr to zero
//above POV's edited!!! and therefore also gonna edit the main file that refers to it..

//other top buttons MapKeyed:
MapKey(&T16000, TS1, Fire_Primary_Weapon);
MapKey(&T16000, TS2, SHIFT);// Not sure if you get a shift here, or a search for what SHIFT is defined..
MapKey(&T16000, TS3, ALT); //same here. have to test.
MapKey(&T16000, TS4, Cycle_Forward_Primary_Weapon);

// Base Buttons right joystick:

MapKey(&T16000, B5, Rearm_Me);
MapKey(&T16000, B6, Augment_Forward_Shield);
MapKey(&T16000, B7, Equalize_Energy);

MapKey(&T16000, B10, Disarm_My_Target);
MapKey(&T16000, B9, Attack_My_Target);
MapKey(&T16000, B8, Capture_My_Target);
MapKey(&T16000, B13, Ignore_My_Target);
MapKey(&T16000, B12, Communication_Menu);
MapKey(&T16000, B11, Toggle_Auto_Speed_Matching);

MapKey(&T16000, B14, Engage_the_Enemy);
MapKey(&T16000, B15, Cover_Me);
MapKey(&T16000, B16, Return_To_Base);

//left joystick (T16001):

//POV: (all views and modes)
MapKey(&T16001, H1U, Center_View);
MapKey(&T16001, H1UR, View_Up);
MapKey(&T16001, H1R, View_Right);
MapKey(&T16001, H1DR, Free_Look);
MapKey(&T16001, H1D, View_Rear);
MapKey(&T16001, H1DL, External_View);
MapKey(&T16001, H1L, View_Left);
MapKey(&T16001, H1UL, Current_Target_View);

//the 4 other top buttons/trigger:

MapKey(&T16001, TS1, Fire_Secondary_Weapon);
MapKey(&T16001, TS2, SHIFT); // not sure if this will create a search or already giving the shift here..
MapKey(&T16001, TS3, Cycle_Secundary_Weapon_Bank);
MapKey(&T16001, TS4, Target_Next_Closest_Hostile_Ship);

//The base buttons:
MapKey(&T16001, B11, Target_Ship_In_Reticle);
MapKey(&T16001, B12, Target_subsystem_In_Reticle);
MapKey(&T16001, B13, Target_Targets_Nearest_Attacker);

MapKey(&T16001, B16, Toggle_Auto_Targeting);
MapKey(&T16001, B15, Target_Last_Ship_That_Transmitted);
MapKey(&T16001, B14, Target_Next_Live_Turret);

MapKey(&T16001, B7, Target_Next_Ship);
MapKey(&T16001, B6, Decreaee_View_Distance);
MapKey(&T16001, B5, Increase_View_Distance);

MapKey(&T16001, B8, Target_Closest_Friendly_Ship);
MapKey(&T16001, B9, Cycle_Radar_Range);
MapKey(&T16001, B10, Target_Newest_ship_In_Area);

//done :) 4 moths work here, lol... So if any T16kM users like to test it out for me...;). If something doesn't work, and you come up with a solution, by all means, post it here.  Next come the other file. the .ttm file in where things of the above are defined.
--- End code ---

 :pimp: editted:
// POV part. H1U= up, etc..

 :D extra note: You might wonder why at POV I use Keypad numbers and normal numbers at will. This is not without reason! I wanted [shift]-use with half of the POV clicks. To avoid activating stuff that shouldn't activate by accident if you're 1/8th off with clicking. And since shift+keypad numbers are not allowed as option in Dia, I came up with this creative solution that still made some sence  :eek2:

more editted: t16000's codings of the left one had to be be coded as t16001's ofc, lol...

*editted: closet=closest typo... (Target_Next_Closest_Hostile_Ship)


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