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*RELEASE* Aerilon is Burning

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You'll have to settle for the Valkyrie rather than the Pegasus for the next release. :p

Yes she's a beautiful ship.  You can bet there will be a modified version of this mission where she makes an appearance :)

I was made aware that music isn't playing on these missions.  I had custom music set up on my install but I thought it was set up for these to use some stock music.  I'll get that corrected and an update uploaded.  I'll post when that's completed.

Mission files updated.  I've tested with no other mods installed on base Diaspora with the 1/29/17 64 bit build.  Music appears to be working in all mission files.

I made a minor change to make the destruction of the Sobek a little more dramatic.

Highlighted. I forgot to do that earlier.


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