Author Topic: Did you guys lose a piece of scroll?  (Read 3709 times)

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Did you guys lose a piece of scroll?
I ran out of toilet paper the other day and found what looked like some very old parchment. Desperate times call for desperate measures...
Anywho its beyond recoverable now, just thought I'd make sure you guys didn't lose a piece along the way?

In other news, how about some sort of piece of news on what the hell is going on. :)


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Did you guys lose a piece of scroll?
Sesq is writing his graduate thesis and thats taking up too much of his time to focus working on SA.  He'll be done in mid-july or so.  once that gets done we'll finish working on chapters 1 & 2 and release them.  There's like 2 missions to go, and then we have to test everything about 100 times to be absolutely sure it works.  We'll then finish chapter 3 and start working on chapter 4 to finish off the campaign.  we'll probably need a few more fredders for that, as there are 5 missions done and another 20+ to do.
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