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I hate that dead feeling.
So, in the hopes of reducing it, I made one of those silly "Beam-free-all and go!" missions using things that have already been shown off in nicer versions (Udjat)/publically released (Shu) and took a few random screenies, then eliminated any really good views of stuff that belongs to SA exculsively.

This corresponds to no actual mission in the campaign, being a completely brainless eleven-minute FRED creation. Yes, I timed it.

Scorpio 1 is about to have a very bad day.

Gratuitous Media VP effects for all!

Run run run, Moloch! But you'll just die tired!
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I hate that dead feeling.
I have an FS1 feeling.
Maybe this is made by the green HUD. It looks so... nostalgic.
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I hate that dead feeling.
I fly with a green HUD, actually.

Those screenshots aren't bad, actually.  How's work coming along on the campaign?
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I hate that dead feeling.
It's going OK. Sesq's very busy with RL stuff at the moment, so it's kind of slow, but Fredding is going pretty well, and the mods are mostly done (though they may go through some tweaking/hi-polyisation). :)
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I hate that dead feeling.
Ooooo very nice.:yes:
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I hate that dead feeling.
Purty. :yes:

You should of used one of Singh's Backgrounds for LS's effects though. :p