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Between the Ashes Recruitment
The BtA is ramping up development of Chapter 2!

Most of the original team has moved on to other projects, so we've got some positions open.

FREDer, 1
I'd like to add one more FREDer to the team to help balance the FREDing load. I don't require that you be FREDer: Level Axem, either! You'll need to be familiar with the FRED basics at the very least, with a willingness to stretch your skills and try new things. I'd be glad to help guide and teach more advanced FRED tactics. After all, I did all of my FRED learning during the development of our first release!

Writer/Fiction, 1
We have a lot of fiction in BtA and I'm not a great writer. I've had several writers in and out of the team over the development cycle. I'd really like someone who's committed this time. Your job would be to get in deep to the plot, understand it. Then you'll fill tech descriptions, the Newsroom, any Fiction Viewer stuff, help with in-mission dialog, that kind of thing.

Scripter, 1
BtA uses a lot of scripts... there's currently 28 -sct files in the modpack. Having someone on the team who is good with LUA would be very helpful. One of our first major tasks is to update the modpack to work with FSO 3.7.5 and a lot of the issues we have are with the scripts. Additionally, we often find that a script would be better to create a particular effect we need often rather than to build it in FRED every single time.
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Re: Between the Ashes Recruitment
Well hey, I'm sure 27 of those -sct scripts are mine anyway, and I'd hate for someone else to claw out their brain trying to understand them, so I can help you get your scripting stuff up to date.

Re: Between the Ashes Recruitment
How does this work as a writing sample?

As for scripting and FRED, I can do both of those too; let me know what you'd like to see, and I can pass along something relevant.
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Re: Between the Ashes Recruitment
If the position is still open, I could be a writer.


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Re: Between the Ashes Recruitment
Pretty sure that this has probably been picked up already, but I'm interested in working on the campaign as a writer. I have past experience working on scripts, most notably for a relatively popular YouTube webseries. Would certainly love to help with this project given how enjoyable Mefistofele and SoC were.