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Phi wing is never registered as eliminated and the allied gunship never warps in. The Belphegor remains invincible and I fail the mission if I use a cheat to un-invincible it and destroy it.

Is Phi 1 supposed to be killed last? I always end up killing her first. Maybe that bugs the mission out.

I killed her last and it didn't make any difference.

I'm stuck unable to pass this mission as well - even managed to save all the wings and not lose a single ship. Phi wing is never registered as dead, and so the allied capship never comes in to deal with the Belphegor. I can nail the two escort ships from afar using Yari missiles, but anything I point at the Belphegor does 0 damage.

Andrew/Droid - any thoughts?


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At this point you're best off playing the 1.0 version until Droid gets off his behind and gets to fixing things.
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Wait what, so you're admitting you broke things that you were supposed to fix for 1.1 and are now shoving it back to me?
Thanks, bro.

...and I think I have an idea why this is happening.
Try playing on insane.

can't get far enough on insane to get anywhere near finishing the mission. I had to end up skipping it :(

I am also unable to pass this mission. Phi wing is never registered as destroyed, and Belphegor remains invulnerable after we destroy its two escorting ships. The destruction of Belphegor is not even listed as an objective :/