Author Topic: RELEASE: HAF Cyclone [MODEL]  (Read 3761 times)

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We're not dead!
Things may be happening.

Anyone, first up is a replacement for the StarFury ripped straight from Babylon 5 with something that has a few less legal issues. Bless community assets and modeldumps. Here be the new HAF Cyclone, probably mainly remembered as that one really ****ty fighter you had to use for that one mission.
Its a pretty simple thing, but someone might find a use for it.

Model: Axem
UV Map and Textures: AndrewofDoom

Table file is included but you should probably edit it anyway since I haven't tested it. Should work as a drop-in replacement, but I don't have the release version installed to test. You probably could try, but again, no guarantees that things won't break.

Download (1.29 MB):


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Woohoo for a new (Christmas) model release!
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