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Knight Templar:
woa.. it's all falling into place and making sense.. :D

*Is really gonna like MOD*

Unknown Target:
Anymore updates guys?


--- Quote ---Originally posted by Unknown Target
Anymore updates guys?
--- End quote ---

Not really big ones. We have almost all cutscenes finished (7-8 mins), the weapons are pretty much done (they are really cool :nod:  ) and all we are now lacking is missions and a few models. 6 or 7 missions are in beta-stage.

So there may be a release 1 soon if progress continues as is?

We are planning a demo release first which will set the scene for the main MG campaign.

The demo will be followed by the main campaign release. At the moment we have no plans for MG release 2 although in the style of FS1 & FS2 we'll be leaving plenty of room for a possible follow on.


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