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I look forward to it.

Can the Starborn sire/create new races or evolve them to a higher level?

If they took long enough about it they probably could. I doubt they'd bother though unless they thought they could do it without making them a threat and only if the new race would make the great game more interesting.

I would think that the SB have many projects going on at the same time - in various degrees of completion.  When (and if) the SB figure out that the Shivan Groupmind is intentionally trying to kill them, things would definitely change.  I'd expect that the SB would destroy any Groupmind ship that they come across,  while at the same time putting a moratorium on any other race's development.  Once the Groupmind was gone, the SB would have to figure out what to do about replacing it.  Once the replacement was ready, the SB would again return to the development of other races.

Are the Starborn the only "hot" race, and if so why?

...and also I'd like to register my objection to the use of a horrible plot device. I want enemies I can at least fight. Not necessarily win, but at least fight. (Like say, the Shivans.)


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