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Yeah, something like that. They play the 'Great Game' which consists of engineering two species and then getting them to fight each other. Points are awarded for how violent the fight is (so the Battle of Endor would be a ten :P).

Actually, mission designers are the real Starborn

Roanoke - you said you read our bumf. Did you see the website Starborn FAQ as well? There's a discussion about the Great Game there.

And Snail - mostly right but there's no requirement that the Great Game be played between species.  The SB are perfectly happy to see large scale wars on pre-spaceflight planets - as long as there's plenty of pyrotechnics.

Like WWII!!

Colonol Dekker:
Or turfwars, Yay...........Actually the Falklands was a game between two starborn, then one sneezed and actually lost control of British Forces so we got our heads on straight and just whooped the Argies....



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