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Update on the project and beta testing

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Lets start on the beta testing realm.  Nobody has been contacted quite yet, I was on vacation in the US for two weeks, and we've overally been busy putting together the packages for testing.  We're currently looking at putting all of the missions into the campaign file and going from there.  A couple of missions are in the 85% complete stage which makes completing the campaign difficult.   We'll probably have to get those ironed out before we go with the testing.

Expect to be contacted soon.  I know some are more available now than in September when school gets going so we'll try and get in on that soon.

I should also mention that about 10 from the 15 that signed up have been picked to form the first testing round.  We'll probably call in the majority of testers before the end (in a final sweep for bugs).

As for the project itself.

Work continues...albeit slowly.  Ace finished all of his missions, ShadowWolf finished all of his, and I'm dragging my heels on the final Episode 3 mission.  Essentially everything else is done.  What is not done is some of the icing on the cake...full implementation of shield icons, interface art, command briefing animations, and in-mission directives.  This stuff is tough to we'll do what we can to get them both done and released.

BlackSheep suffered a setback on the music front.  He's in the process of recovering that...we'll see overall what happens in that area but there will be a few additions to the music pool ontop of the FS2 standard.

Stuff like tables, weapon and ship mods, and that sort of thing are essentially complete.  Still sorting out a couple of issues and some of our FS1 ships have their same basic skins. Initially those were to change...they may not...we shall see.

So that is probably the most detailed update you guys have had.  

We'll post some screen shots of everything just before release.  We've got some spifified nebulas also done up as well as a bonus!

Till then!

Great!:) :yes:

Great news!  I've been waiting for this for, what, 4 years?

you can get some amazing free music from here
just email the guy asking for permission to use the music and mention that your not using it for any financial related issues and he'll be more then happy to give you permission...and he has some REALLY good music!

Super great news!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:


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