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Screenshots: 27-8-04

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Here's another dose of BWO screens:

The Charon uses its defense systems against an incoming invader... YOU!

Blackwater defends a convoy in Beta Aquilae.

The plot thickens in the distant Delphi system...

Very colorful nebulas in the second shot. Ugly nebula in the last... Atleast I hope it's a nebula, and not a 'nEw SUBspAse aniMAtIoN!!1'

Err. I actually PREFER the nebula in the third shot to the second one.

I didn't say I liked any of them :p

I don't mind the swirly bit, but the one that juts straight through it is icky. The Blue puffs, however, are kinda nice in that one.

*ahum* Those are what are called 'jets' Raa, you know those things that shoot out of supernovae/blackholes etc.? ;)


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