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Who for this project will be attending the HLP/Project meeting?

The Source Code Project is hosting a meeting of all the currently active Freespace 2 projects. We request project heads or selected representatives to attend. We are hosting this meeting for the 3 main reasons:
[*]Public Relations- It seems to some of us that relations have become strained a little. We would like to try and sort things out.
[*]Suggestions or Complaints- Do you have any suggestion of how we can improve things around the SCP? Complaints?
[*]Support- We would like to hear what sort options or features individual projects need and to discuss the possibility of implementing them.


--- Code: ---
The 158th Banshee Squadron an0n
Attempted Suicides                dead
Ascension of Beyond               dead
The Apocalypse Project           Thorn
Blackwater Operations            ?
Devil and the Deep Blue          dead
FreeSpace Port Goober5000
Freespace Upgrade Project     ?
GTD Wolf                                 ?
Inferno                                    ?
The Babylon Project                Mr. Fury
The Lightning Marshal            ?
Machina Terra                         ShadowWolf
MindGames                             karajorma, diamond geezer
Neo Terra Victorious               ?
The Procyon Insurgency         ?    
Star Wars Conversion Topace, Galemp, Hippo
Technological Superiority         ?
Terran-Vasudan War Goober5000
The Scroll of Atankharzim PhReAk
Wing Commander Saga           ?
The Apocolypse Project Thorn
Casualties of War aldo_14
Twisted Infinities Flipside, Blackwolf
Hidden Terror                           Dead
Time of Change                       Dead
FS:Conflict Zone Dead
All Hands To War                     Dead

--- End code ---

Date will be posted shortly.

The meeting will be held on dec 11, 2004 at 1pm EST(6PM GMT) on IRC. IRC info will be posted in the support forums. If you would like to attend and don't have access to the internal forums and are a head of a project PM me please.

If this list is incorrect PM me.


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