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Akalabeth Angel:
Will BWO work with FS2 Retail? Or is it FS-open only??

Right now - Open only.

They _may_ release a retail only version, but that's kinda doubtful - plus it'd kinda suck (we had the chance to compare old effects to new).

Akalabeth Angel:
Bah! Foiled again!
Oh well, gotta upgrade sometime :)

I have FSOpen but when I played BR's Shrouding the Light it kept crashing at various points of the mission, so I'm thinking my overclocked to 450mhz doesn't cut it.

You can turn effects on and off as wanted...FSO improves performance over FS retail.  What kills performance is all the new stuff we've added.

BWO doesn't need that install it optionally.

You'll need our MODs, but they were mostly built for FS retail.  When I started BWO, I was using a PII 233.  Then I had a PIII 733, now I'm at a AMD 2700+.

A 450mhz...may be time to upgrade.  It can be done cheaply.

Akalabeth Angel:
Well, I dunno, it was working okay but when I'd see an Aten explode or something it'd crash.

   Also having the crosshairs two inches from the bottom left corner of my monitor didn't exactly improve my play experience.
I'd rather know where I have to shoot then have ships flying around with after burner trails.


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