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I don't think so, NTV will be as much close to FS2 as possible, even in terms of ships.

The presence of in-game cutscenes is already too much for a regular FS2 style campaign so we're not going to exceed with the presence of new features. :)

oh, ok. The only campaigns that seem to truly recreate the FS2 feel are PI, and sortof FoW (the characters bit means it can't truly be FS-ish) Oh, and most of the cold element campaigns (just found out what that means!)

In NTV, however, there's a canon faction to deal with when planning the plot...we're not free to increase the NTF's power in radical ways.

You'll get the feeling that your faction will not be as well armed and equipped as the GTVA from the first mission.

Woolie Wool:
I would think that the NTF's position compared to the GTVA would be if anything better in the beginning because they would be at technological parity, as opposed to near the end of the war when the GTVA had equipment like the Trebuchet, Harpoon, and Perseus.

Is NTV still using the Avenger? The Avenger is so much more powerful than the Subach HL-7 that I have no idea  why the Subach ever existed, and I noticed the old NTV used it.

I still think there would be more weapons made inbetween the GW and the rebellion.


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