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General Battuta:
NTV isn't transferred. The hosting request was turned down.

In any case, from what I know, the HLP admins want to hear from Galemp in order to clarify who's actually project lead right now. Mobius claims he's been designated lead (which I believe) but there's some confusion that needs to be sorted out.

Edited the first subject line to avoid that confusion, but you can feel free to change it back if you want, Mobius.


--- Quote from: General Battuta on July 03, 2009, 09:56:26 am ---NTV isn't transferred. The hosting request was turned down.

--- End quote ---
Ok. I saw the post for it, but if it was accepted, I was only curious to know if it would be moved from HL all together. Thanks. :)

I would suspect that, if it goes, it goes, like Shadows of Lylat, although that was started on Game Warden, but nonetheless, other than announcements it has no physical presence on HLP, same thing would apply to NTV.

Ok. Thanks for the info. :)


--- Quote from: Flipside on July 02, 2009, 05:29:39 pm ---I don't go to GW, but the answer is essentially this:

MatthewPapa runs GamesWarden. MatthewPapa is not around lately, Kara was not given the authority to start handing out MP's FTP space, so until word can be got from MP, Kara can't really presume to be allowed to make space available.

Secondly, I'd very much like to hear from Galemp about this, since he is still listed as head of the Mod, so if something as major as a transfer of an entire project from one Forum to another is to take place, that really strikes me as something that the project head should be taking care of, I know that would certainly help in the decision-making process.

Edit: And if he is no longer the head, then he needs to inform administration himself.

--- End quote ---

Good point here, IMO. :)

To be honest, I did not expect this kind of development - I'm not refering to Karajorma denying my request, but rather to the fact that HLP's administrationship interpreted mine as an unthinkable action: a second in command is not authorized to ask for such a radical change. I simply did not know that the admins were unaware of the change in hierarchies and thought that I proposed the move without asking Galemp first. Had not been for General Battuta, I would have never discovered this misunderstanding.

I can ensure you all that Galemp gave me the privilege of being NTV's leader. As I said before, I wanted him to be the leader but he rather preferred to assign that role to me. He can't be blamed for that, he has many WIPs to work on. I hope to hear from him ASAP so that he can sort things out. He remained in full charge of NTV until he found a "successor", but for obvious reasons he kept his mod powers on this board and effectively giving the impression of being NTV's project leader.

The admins can check the internal boards and verify that, for example, I have been writing the new storyline and creating the new modpack since my promotion: those tasks are usually up to a project leader. The admins can verify that now without hearing from Galemp, the evidence is quite obvious.

Also, unless you haven't noticed it, I realized how disruptive I am so I chose to move away (to some extent). All I need here on HLP is the permission to send PMs and post on both the INF and FSCRP forums. Other than that, I don't intend to bring any more problems and cause disruption. That's why I asked the admins to remove my moderation powers both here and on the FSCRP forum, and that's also why I won't be having moderation powers on the INF forum (Woomeister asked me if I wanted to become INF's second moderator due to my efforts for the project and the fact that SadisticSid is not active... under these circumstances, however, I can all but refuse his proposal).

For the time being, I will come to HLP only for reasons that are strictly related to the progress of the projects I work on. I might send a few PMs here and there (Happy Birthday PMs anyone?  :D), but I surely won't partecipate to public discussions as I did before. I'm serious in saying this.

I'd like, however, to have NTV moved elsewhere and limit my business on HLP to the FSCRP and INF, only. It's the only project I'm in charge of here, so I think I can ask for a move. I don't see why the very same people who want me out of there are also preventing me from moving a single project.


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